A vivid image is produced on ALBEDO high efficient screen in the bright room..


Moreover applying our optical film and head-up display technology.
Floating a virtual image on the transparent space using our screen.

However, the mini projector using LED light source is used only in the darkroom since it delivers less right brightness compared to the conventional projector which uses high-pressure mercury lamps, we succeeded in giving ALBEDO high efficient screen six to seven times as bright as that of the conventional screen by reviewing effective use of lighting performance.
The screen is a 1 mm thick, a light weighted (110 to 130 g), and A4 size. It is easy for transport and storage.

Adhesive is attached on the back of the ALBEDO high efficient screen and it will be great fun fixing it freely on the smooth surface of a wall or board when you need screen.
Three kinds of ALBEDO high efficient screens are available depending on the difference from reflection gain and viewing angle.

Magnet sheet is sticked to the back of ALBEDO high efficient screen.
It is easily removable since it can be put on the magnetized white board or blackboard.