A vivid image is produced on ALBEDO high efficient screen in the bright room..


The audience in front of ALBEDO high efficient screen can get about six times the luminosity at the maximum in case of luminosity set to 1 when light is applied to the complete diffuser board (snow-white board which magnesium oxide is printed) called a standard white board.
It shows a superior performance in comparison to the brightness of a Beads screen. And it also stands for harmful outdoor daylight to the audience since it does not reflect the light from side to the front infinite.


ALBEDO high efficient projector screen is having structure which consists of three layers.
The key factor is a reflection management film which controls reflection according to the angle of the incident light by original nanotechnology.
Furthermore, the surface is protected with the anti glare film since projector light is not reflected on the surface unlike the conventional bead or pearl screen.
Even if it should become dirty, it can wipe with a damp towel.